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Paige Claassen

Help me Celebrate My Birthday!

June 13th is my 27th birthday. It's also the launch of Southern Africa Education Fund's new birthday campaigns. Here's the deal. I'm pledging my birthday to raise money for SAEF. For every $100 I raise, a child in rural Namibia will receive a back to school kit, including a backpack, a new school uniform, shoes, and school supplies. These are kids whose families cannot afford these necessities.

My birthday goal is to give at least 10 kids a back-to-school kit. You can celebrate my birthday with me by contributing to my campaign. 

Better yet, why not pledge your own birthday? SAEF will follow up with instructions on how to launch your birthday campaign 3 weeks before your birthday. It takes less than 10 minutes to create a campaign, and you'll be giving kids the gift of a lifetime - access to life changing education. As a post-birthday gift, SAEF will send you a photo of the kids who received your back-to-school kits!

Your birthday contribution is 100% tax deductible. 

Southern Africa Education Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit who believes education is the only path out of poverty. Kids in rural Namibia and South Africa often live in reed or tin shacks in temperatures over 120F/50C. Some kids have trouble getting to school, while others have families who don't understand why school is important. Some kids live in abusive homes, and some can't afford school uniforms or a backpack. We help with all of that. Because school is cool and helps you get a job and support your family. That's how we end the vicious cycle of poverty. Together. 

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