Hey. When's your birthday?

We know birthdays are a big deal. The presents, the cake, it's a day to celebrate YOU!

But what if YOU decided to donate your big day so that kids on the other side of the world could receive the education necessary to lift themselves and their families out of poverty? We're giving school kits to kids in a rural Namibian school where 400 of the 734 students are on the "orphans and vulnerable children" list - that means their families cannot afford their school uniform, shoes, backpack, and school supplies. 

Just think, if you're turning 20 and 20 of your friends give $20 to your birthday fundraiser, plus your Grandma gives you $100 (you know, because grandmas like to go big), you could raise $500 for SAEF - that's 5 back to school kits (backpack, school uniform and shoes, school supplies) for kids whose families can't afford their school necessities!  

You could even give your #wedding4education or run a #race4education or maybe that generous grandma of yours wants to give her 80th #birthday4education. The sky isn't even the limit, because you could #gotothemoon4education if you want. Up to you. 

Whatever you choose, we're really glad you want to help. It's fun, it makes you feel good, plus you're helping kids in Southern Africa go to school - that's a luxury they couldn't previously afford! 

Thanks for helping. Fist bump. 

- The SAEF team

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